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ISEM Session at the 50th Golden Anniversary Congress of the European Society for Surgical Research (ESSR)

The 50th Golden Anniversary Congress of the European Society for Surgical Research was held at the University of Liverpool on 10-13 June, 2015
Thanking to the ESSR President Prof. Mustafa Cikirikcioglu and to the Congress President Prof. Thomas Theologou, this joint session could be realized.

The ISEM-ESSR Session was held on 12 June, Friday from 12:00 to 13:30 with the following presentations:
  1. Di Cataldo A. (Italy): Role of Experimental Microsurgery in the training of the young surgical residents
  2. Nemeth N. (Hungary): Consecutive microsurgical training programs in Debrecen; Experiences and challenges
  3. Axelsson M. (Sweden): Experiences from the Gothenburg microsurgical training center - the first multilevel microsurgicaltraining program in Scandinavia
  4. Tolba R. (Germany): European Training Center for Innovative Medicine (ETCIM); Microsurgical and Surgical Skills Training
  5. Tolba R., Kobayashi E. (Germany, Japan): Sharing Transgenic Animal Models; A new era of Cooperation between Japan and Europe
  6. Kobayashi E. (Japan): Organ fabrication-From Basic Research to translation into clinical practice
  7. Zhou S.B. (China): Bioimaging study on bone marrow stem cell homing toward mechanical stretched skin and promoting stem cell niche regeneration
  8. Osorio S. (USA): Consideration on animal models in research and microsurgery
  9. Wang H. (China): Animal models in translational medicine. Announcement for the ISEM 2016 Congress
Further report: Session at ESSR 2015 Congress was successfully held in Liverpoo1.pdf
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