International Society
for Experimental Microsurgery

Founded in 1991


Professor Sun Lee M.D.

Sun LeeSun Lee, M.D. (Korean Name: Sil Heung Lee) came to US and received postgraduate education (Internship-Wheeling; Surgical residency-St. Francis Hospital; Fellowship-University of Pittsburgh) at Pittsburgh in 1955. He developed various vascular-organ transplantation techniques in domestic animals and rats and performed clinical kidney transplants (8 cases with Prof. B. Fisher). Starting from 1957, he also perfected and reported rat portacaval anastomosis, arteriovenous fistula, liver arterialization and kidney transplantation in rats. In 1964, by Dr. Frank Dixon’s invitation at Scripps, Dr. Sun Lee applied rat kidney transplants to various immunopathological studies, sharing academic interests with the Harvard groups (Prof. Merrill, Prof. Rowinski of Poland, Prof. Guttmann of Canada) and Prof. Cortesini of Rome and others. At the Scripps, rat liver transplantations were performed with collaboration of Prof. Edgington and this work was extended to Dr. Sun Lee’s career at UCSD. In the meantime he studied techniques of pancreaticoduodenal transplant, spleen, heart-lung, testicular transplants and ovarian follicle implantation in rats. In 1968, Dr. Lee joined newly organized medical school and Dr. Marshall Orloff and Dr. Sun Lee studied various phases of rat liver transplant and alloxan diabetic rats syngeneically and allogeneically received normal rat pancraticoduodenum. After the retirement in 1985, Dr. Sun Lee still possessed academical exchange with the University of California San Diego Medical School and the Scripps. He further directed research in consecutive organ transplant studies at San Diego Microsurgical Institute.

Our Founder and beloved Mentor Professor Sun Lee, "Father" of Experimental Microsurgery, died peacefully on October 4, 2015 at his home in La Jolla, California. ""
We will preserve his memory in our hearts and in our activity!